About Us

OXY99 Oxygen Can Division Was formed in 1987 and promoted by the UNIVERSAL BOSCHI GROUP with technical collaboration Boschi Italy from 1985 in field of oxygen for over 30 Years.

Our technical director and promoter as vast experience in the field of medical and all categories of oxygen and entered into technical collaboration in 1985 with BOSCHI ITALY.

OXY99 also introduced production of portable oxygen cans by OXY99 brand name at New Delhi (India). Our oxygen products have become very popular with the customers for their effectiveness in supplying extra oxygen into the segment of sports recreational, beauty and stamina booster for achieving athletic performance.

OXY99's pure oxygen in can is effective for increasing your performance in sports and athletics. Our oxygen can for sports and recreation is used by sports persons, athletes and adventure sports lovers for peaking up their performance levels by supplementing their oxygen supply. Obviously, the more energy we require the more oxygen we will require. As you might be aware, oxygen is responsible for most of the metabolic activity in our body. Athletic activity requires enhanced level of oxygen which is easily done with our portable canned oxygen.


  • Altitude
  • Sports Performance
  • Gym and Fitness
  • Recreational